The Illinois Archery in the Schools Program is administered by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources


The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is the partner/coordinator of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) “On Target for Life”. This in-school program for grades 4th – 12th is changing our future generations lives one arrow at a time in schools and communities throughout 47 states, 8 provinces, and 11 countries. Illinois is proud to be one of the first 10 states registered in the program. 

Thanks to NASP, students are learning important life lessons such as discipline, focus, confidence, patience, and many other skills required to be successful not only in the classroom, but life as well. NASP is the largest youth archery program in history, putting a bow and arrow in the hands of over 18 million students since it began in 2002. 

91% of students pursue other outdoor activities thanks to this program. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is excited to see what the future brings with our continued support and involvement in NASP!


This website has many resources for coaches, archers and families to refer to throughout the year. Information on tournaments, training, funding your program and much more are available. Please take time to review these important items and contact IDNR should you need additional assistance.

Photo Gallery of Illinois NASP Teams and Activities

 See what Illinois archers are doing throughout the season and how much fun they are having at practice, tournaments and building friendships! Click on each thumbnail below to view the full photo and see the caption.

We want your photos — send photos to IDNR staff with a caption to be considered for placement on the website! 

At the Illinois Conservation Foundation, our motto is "Turn Screen Time Into Green Time". We are proud to support Illinois NASP because they are providing safe, educational, and fun opportunities for youth across the state. ICF provides funding for new teams, equipment for the state tournament, and scholarships for participants.

To learn more about ICF and the other programs the organization supports, please visit our website at

Support NASP through the Illinois Conservation Foundation!

Support NASP by becoming an Illinois Conservation Foundation  annual member or by purchasing a turkey pin! All funds raised through the sale of the ICF turkey pin goes directly to grants and other support for Illinois NASP. 

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Illinois Archery in the Schools Program