Schools and coaches may find resources below on how to start a new archery program, training, ordering equipment and more! Please contact the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for additional information and support. 

Starting an Archery Program

If your school is interested in starting an archery program please review the information HERE and contact the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for more information. 

Check out the NASP curriculum below for each age group!

Note that schools must teach archery in their school curriculum to have a NASP competitive archery team.

Funding an Archery Program

Grants for equipment and additional program support are available to Illinois school programs! Please contact the IDNR coordinator/staff to discuss available start-up grants for new school programs and supplemental opportunities for existing school programs. 

Fundraising throughout the year is key to supporting an archery team beyond the curriculum taught in the school.  Some schools share equipment with the curriculum-based portion of the program and others do not.  Funding for teams often is needed for for uniforms, equipment (if not using school equipment), tournament fees, etc. It is recommended that each program discuss needs with their school/district administration for planning purposes.


Many state and local outdoor organizations are eager to assist schools get started with financial assistance. Consider reaching out to your local chapters of each of the following civic clubs or conservation organizations for funding support:

Rotary International
Chamber of Commerce
National Wild Turkey Federation
White Tails Unlimited
Pheasants Forever
Safari Club International

Please check other funding and fundraising ideas from NASP HERE

Equipment Ordering

Ordering equipment from NASP is for approved organizations only. If you would like to purchase equipment on your own, please visit our brand partner websites.  All pricing disclosed on the NASP site are to approved organizations only and not to be resold.   By submitting an order to NASP®, you agree these items will stay the property of the organization and will not be resold.

NASP Suggested Starter Kit

  • 12 Original Genesis Bows (10 right hand & 2 left hand)
  • 10 to 12 dozen Easton 1820 Genesis Arrows
  • 5 targets
  • 1 Arrow Curtain
  • 1 Bow Rack
  • 1 Repair Kit

The NASP equipment ordering website may be found HERE

Illinois Archery in the Schools Program