Illinois NASP Hall of Fame

Illinois has a rich history of excellent NASP archers who have gone on to compete at the national and world events as well as selected for the U.S. All Star Team for bullseye and IBO competition.

Illinois was one of the first 10 states to begin participation in the NASP program in the U.S.. During the 2021-2022 school year there were 76,429 competitive archers nationally from 1053 schools in 42 states! Over 1,359 tournaments were held all over the country, including those in Illinois!

Below you will find a downloadable listing of the top individuals by gender and division and the top three placing teams per division (elementary, middle school and high school) at the Illinois Bullseye and 3D State Tournaments.  Illinois consistently sends teams and individuals to the Eastern National Tournament in Louisville, KY annually based upon scores from the state tournament.

Find all Illinois bullseye format state winners from 2014  to present HERE (click to download)


Find all Illinois IBO/3D format state winners HERE (click to download) Note: 2023 was the first year that Illinois hosted an IBO/3D state tournament. 

Historical scores for all tournaments, teams and individual archers may also be found at  

Archery All-Stars

Illinois has many amazing archers all over the state!  Over the years several standouts have emerged and excelled in archery at local, state, regional and national events. We will highlight some of the archery all-stars from Illinois in this section and will continue to add more! If you have an all-star you wish to share please contact us! 

Sami Stackhouse

Sami graduated from Adlai Stephenson High School in 2018. She is among some of the most highly decorated archers in the country. She attends Purdue University.

High School Record and Highlights:  

  • Competed in 46 tournaments, finishing in the Top Ten 41 times
  • 1st place 23 times out of 46 tournaments
  • 2 Time NASP Academic All-American
  • 2 Time State Champion — 2016, 2018
  • Held the Illinois State Record at the time of graduation: 296/300
  • USA All-Star Team 2017
  • 4th at the Eastern Nationals 2017
  • Finished In the top ten at the World Tournament twice (2nd in 2017 and 6th in 2018)
  • Midwest Regional Champion 2018
  • Won $15,000.00 in scholarship money at 2017 Nationals

Maria Heller

  • Maria graduated from Champaign Centennial High School in 2020. She is also one of Illinois most decorated archers–unfortunately the COVID pandemic cut her senior year of competition short. Maria attends the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

High School Record and Highlights:

  • Competed in 42 tournaments, finishing in the Top Ten 35 times
  • 1st place 17 times out of 42 tournaments
  • 3 Time State Champion — 2017, 2019, 2020
  • NASP Academic Archer 
  • Held the Illinois State Record at the time of graduation: 299/300 (record still stands)
  • USA All-Star Team 2019—top overall shooter (male or female) in both bullseye and IBO 3D tournaments. 
  • 2nd at the Eastern Nationals in 2019
  • Won $1,000.00 in scholarship money at 2019 World3
Illinois Archery in the Schools Program