Archer Resources

Archers will find a wide array of Information on items such as tournament listings, success tips from other archers around the U.S., Academic Archer Program criteria and more more! Check back often as we will continue to add ideas and content for your use as it becomes available. 

NASP Training Videos

The National Archery in the Schools Program provides excellent videos for both archers and coaches/teachers to use as training and learning aides.  Please take a look at the NASP Learning Center for information on many topics that can make you a better archer and teammate!

NASP Learning Center:


Since its inception in 2002, NASP® has put a bow and arrow in the hand of over 18 million students
grades 4 – 12. What happens next is truly magical…

STUDENTS LOVE ARCHERY. Which is why educators love archery. Archery, taught in the schools as part of the physical education curriculum through the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), has proven to captivate students and leave educators awestruck by its uncanny ability to “connect” students with their school. School connectedness is widely recognized as a major factor in dropout prevention.

BOYS AND GIRLS PARTICIPATE TOGETHER Archery is one of the very few activities in which boys and girls can truly compete side by side, something that educators know helps with socialization.

LEVEL PLAYING FIELD Archery doesn’t favor the tall or fast or strong like so many other activities or sports. Archery really does level the playing field.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY THAT REACHES THE UNREACHABLE Archery can extend into an extracurricular activity and has proven to reach many students who participate in no other extracurricular activities. In countless cases, archery reached students that were previously deemed unreachable.
Dr. Tommy Floyd
President, National Archery in the Schools Program
Illinois Archery in the Schools Program